Healing is inevitable once environment, lifestyle and nutrition interventions are specifically targeted to your unique biochemistry and root causes. This strategic approach unlocks the keys to healing and your highest potential!

Working Together

We are so glad you’re here because it means you are committed to reclaiming your health! Dr. Whisler uses a very targeted approach working with a limited number of dedicated individuals ready to transform their lives. 

Success is our goal, so we have a process to determine if it will be a good fit working together.   Here is how to get started:

FIRST:  Attend the ONLINE TRAINING to learn more about our approach to up-level your health and resolve fatigue, inflammatory conditions, autoimmunity, brain fog, depression, and more….

SECOND: Make sure to read this page 

THIRD: Apply for a Discovery Call to speak with Dr. Whisler

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Dr. Whisler works with people through individually tailored programs depending on your case and goals. She utilizes a more in-depth, unique, and comprehensive approach than what you’ve experienced in the past.

This process is transformational and designed to uncover what is occurring in all systems of the body. Together we will restore vitality, fostering long term optimal health, not just temporary relief from symptoms.

When you have all the necessary elements working together- Science, Environment, Mindset, Support, your success skyrockets.

What does working together look like:

Step 1. After watching the training, you will Apply and book a brief no cost Discovery Call if this is a fit for us. We will discuss where you are and what your goals are. 

Step 2. An in-depth 90-minute Initial Comprehensive Case Review to dive deep into your history, timeline, current and past strategies, and previous testing. We will discuss the best approach and program for you moving forward and the necessary labs for your case. 

Step 3. Use specific advanced functional lab testing and physiological monitoring to uncover the root causes and determine your biochemical status. If you are not having the right tests done, having them interpreted correctly, and combined with a comprehensive framework, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for. Quantification of your individual imbalances and root causes allows for a successful and personalized health restoration program. 

Step 4. Personalized support, online Environment and Lifestyle Mastery course, and 1:1 consultations every few weeks with Dr. Whisler. A plan of action that includes the most appropriate customized nutritional and lifestyle upgrades, environment and mindset transformations, and necessary supplement and nutraceutical support.

Dynamics or aspects we will address as needed per each individual case:

  • Metabolically individualized diet
  • Gut dysbiosis/infections/sibo/sifo/intestinal permeability
  • Mitochondrial and Metabolic dysfunction
  • Methylation
  • Inflammation/Cytokine balance/Oxidative stress
  • Auto-immune activation
  • Infections: Lyme, Epstein Barr, etc
  • Chemical/Mold/Metal toxicity and detoxification
  • Brain/Neurotransmitters
  • Catabolic/Anabolic imbalances
  • Hormone/Endocrine imbalances
  • Biochemical and nutritional deficiencies
  • Lifestyle and environmental inputs

Step 5. Through a systematic process, we will address the layers involved in your health restoration. This is broken down into phases, with the expectation that customizing the plan is a dynamic process that will continually take place in subsequent follow-up appointments.  

You are fully supported as we work closely together through the 4 phases of the Healing 4Life program. 

Because Dr. Whisler works with people so intimately and comprehensively, she only takes on a limited number of clients at a time. You’re the perfect person to work with us if:

You want real permanent solutions to your health concerns

You are ready to embody the best you

You are coachable

You are ready to make all necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle

You are determined to reach your health goals and are willing to commit the time, effort, and finances to achieve them

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I’m here to support you.

As someone who struggled terribly with my own health, I know what you’re going through, and I look forward to helping you resolve those chronic symptoms and achieve amazing vitality! Start your functional medicine and Healing 4 Life journey!


Dr. Whisler works with a small number of individuals who possess the qualities required to get outcomes.  If a person is not motivated, engaged and willing to take the steps necessary to get healthy they would not be a good candidate. Healing requires an investment in energy, time and money.

This is a relationship that begins with a conversation, so the first step is to fill out the Application and request a no-cost Discovery Call .

Our approach is unique because it is based on YOU! Dr. Whisler’s method is a very comprehensive process based on your unique needs and biochemical imbalances. Proper testing and data, quantification, one-on-one care, individually appropriate natural therapeutics and interventions, and nutritional, lifestyle and environmental strategies come together to create an unparalleled transformational process.

Dr. Whisler’s thoroughness and clinical detail sets our programs apart.  As well, this is not a transaction-based approach but based on connection and a therapeutic relationship. You will be guided and supported every step of the way!

The model of diagnosing and treating conditions is what the current medical model does.  The holistic or functional medical model, which is the model that Functional Medicine For Life teaches, does not treat or diagnose  specific conditions, rather we look for root causes underneath why you are having your symptoms and dysregulation, so that we can understand how to best address the underlying issues.

Functional Medicine For Life consults through video (Zoom) and by phone. We can see people ALL over the United States and Canada!  This gives us the ability to have a private face-to-face conversation.

We ship labs directly to your doorstep, complete with a self-addressed return envelope. If we have recommended blood labs, we will create a requisition for you to go to your local LabCorp or phlebotomist for completion.  Our clients love the virtual model because they can have their appointments from anywhere.  From home, their office, and even their car!

The Initial Comprehensive Case Review is $395

Unfortunately, the insurance model does not recognize this type of health care.  The current medical system that is under the coverage of health insurance is a ‘Diagnose and Treat’ model where the treatments typically consist of a pharmaceutical to cover the symptom, or surgery.  The holistic or functional model of health does not diagnose nor does it treat.  Therefore our model does not fall under insurance coverage.   However, in some instances based on your FSA / HSA account, costs may qualify for reimbursement.

Specialty labs are often not covered by insurance; however, some insurance plans may reimburse a small portion.  We are not involved in billing for labs. You can use funds from an HSA to cover the costs of these tests as well.

Yes. Please check with your policy or HR department to be sure.

For most labs, lab kits are shipped directly to you. Some functional lab tests are typically done at home by saliva, urine or stool, and some require blood work. We will direct you to the lab that coordinates that. 

By joining our program you have access to direct pricing on lab test kits, which ensure you pay the lowest price possible. Labs can range in price from a couple hundred dollars up to a few thousand. We will always discuss with you lab options, and recommendations based on your history and what you are wanting help with.

Using the right labs are a critical component to uncovering the root causes, especially when we see “normal” test results from traditional blood work. 

Functional Labs are ordered through companies such as Genova Diagnostics, Great Plains Lab, Doctors Data, Cyrex, Dutch testing, and others. We look to uncover things such as food sensitivities, nutritional status, infections, detoxification status, mitochondrial function, methylation, inflammation status, heavy metals, toxins, GI digestion and absorption as well as bacterial and fungal overgrowth, genetics, hormone function and more.


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