A Clear Path to

Renewed Health

With Dr. Crystal Whisler


Working with motivated professionals to uncover the root causes of your chronic health issues and reveal the steps to true healing and complete resolution. So you can create a healthier, stronger mind and body and live life more fully, permanently!

About Dr. Whisler

Hi, I’m Dr. Crystal Whisler and I’m dedicated to uplifting individuals who are struggling with chronic health issues so they can start living the life they’re meant to live, by helping them uncover and address the root causes of fatigue, GI issues, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, depression, hormone imbalances, and so much more.

Together we can finally find a permanent solution to create and regain your best health ever. I love working with people across the country online or by phone and locally in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA, using a comprehensive individualized whole-body functional medicine approach.

Dr. Crystal Whisler, DC,RN - Functional Medicine For Life

As Seen In

Most health programs fail due to the lack of individualization. My commitment is to provide insightful solutions to your entirely unique biochemical, metabolic, and genetic imbalances. Working together, we’ll dive deep into your case using functional diagnostic laboratory assessments to analyze, understand, and restore your health for good!



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