A Clear Path to

Renewed Health

With Dr. Crystal Whisler


Working with motivated individuals to uncover the root causes of chronic health issues and reveal the steps to true healing and sustainable results. A bio-systems and data driven approach based on your unique needs, so you can create a healthier, stronger mind and body and live life more fully!

Meet Dr. Whisler

Dr. Crystal Whisler DC, RN, CFMP is an expert functional medicine consultant here to help you get well through a strategic, data-driven process combined with compassion and support. 

She utilizes cutting-edge technology for uncovering the root causes of chronic illness and dysfunction.  Using a bio-systems data approach, she analyzes underlying issues and root causes to create personalized programs that target and heal the source of chronic health conditions.

Dr. Whisler knows personally how frustrating chronic health issues can be whether it’s fatigue, inflammatory conditions, chronic infections, depression, anxiety, brain fog, GI Issues, and more. 

The worst part is you keep pushing through (aka burnout), your productivity and performance suffer, and it takes a huge toll on you and those you love. 

You are in the right place! Together we can create a customized roadmap to restore and regain your best health ever. We work virtually with people in Orange county, CA and across the country online or by phone using a unique and individualized whole-body functional medicine approach. 

Dr. Crystal Whisler, DC,RN - Functional Medicine For Life

As Seen In

Most health programs fail due to the lack of individualization. My commitment is to provide insightful solutions to your entirely unique biochemical, metabolic, and genetic imbalances. Working together, we’ll dive deep into your case using functional diagnostic laboratory assessments to analyze, understand, and restore your health for good!

Benefits of Virtual Health Consulting

We are thrilled to work with our clients throughout Orange County, CA and the U.S. through Virtual Health services

Convenience and Comfort

These virtual health phone or video calls can be run from anywhere so you can see your doctor and implement our cutting edge health strategies from your office, home or while away on a business trip.

Keep Momentum

Ever lost momentum because you can’t make appointments or make it to the office? Virtual consultations are the answer. 

Upgraded Care

Experience the difference of Upgraded Care. Everything is done for your specific body, goals and data with the support you need for success. Be one of the first to experience the future of healthcare! 

No Commute or Waiting Rooms

Because who has time to commute?  No driving necessary, and gone are the days of long and unnecessary wait times. 


I met with 10 different doctors and none of them could find the problem. I was losing hope. After years of suffering, I finally found Dr. Whisler. She never gave up on me. I now have more energy than I have had in over a decade. My joint pain and muscle pain is gone. The dizziness is gone, my focus is back, and now I get to spend quality time with my kids which I wasn't able to do in the past.


Before working with Dr. Whisler I didn't have any energy and I was reacting to basically every food group. I had been to a variety of doctors, but none of them gave the answers to what was actually happening. Now, I feel like I finally have my life back. I feel like myself. To not be dealing with brain fog on a constant basis, to enjoying life, and now having more security in my health than I ever have is everything.



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