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Dr. Whisler is one of a few certified functional medicine practitioners in the country. She uses cutting-edge diagnostic testing to uncover the root cause of dysfunction. Dr. Whisler doesn’t merely manage diseases ~ she helps people resolve them.

After completing a doctorate in chiropractic in 2000, she specialized in functional medicine. With an extensive education in many clinical disciplines such as clinical nutrition, systems biology, mind-body medicine, and epigenetics, she takes a dynamic approach to assessing, educating, and working with patients to achieve their highest levels of wellbeing.

Virtually every other health program out there simply sets forth a cookie-cutter approach that portrays itself as being the way to wellness. The problem with all those one-size-fits-all approaches is that they neglect the importance of the very thing that should be central to any program….YOU. 

Dr. Crystal Whisler, DC,RN - Functional Medicine For Life


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